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Herblands Cleansing Aloe Vera Facial Wash

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Facial wash most suitable for tropical countries

Skin Type:
Combination Combination
Pimples & Oily Pimples & Oily
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Aloe Barbadensis
Natural aloe vera repairs scars and acne wounds.

Avocado Oil

Penetrates and nourishes skin to prevent dryness.

Natural facial wash which removes oil but retains moisture

  1. Gentle alkaline facial wash with pH closest to skin pH value of 5.5.

  2. Specially formulated for tropical use as it removes oil and retains moisture with avocado oil.

Pimples, Oily and Combination skin

  1. Non-drying, non-tightening, renders skin fresh and comfortable

  2. Removes pimple scars with regular use.

Day & Night

Purifying Milky Lotion > Aloe Vera Facial Wash > Balances moisture > Nourishes and rejuvenates > Treats and repairs