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Herblands Ultra Moisturizing Ampoule (Pack of 6)

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The ultimate cellular hydrator

Skin Type:
Aged & Slackened Aged & Slackened
Dry Skin Dry Skin
Combination Combination
Sensitive Sensitive
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Super micro molecules which penetrate deep into the dermis 30 minutes after application. Supplies and locks in ample water molecules in cells to keep skin always hydrated.

Enhance skin's defence capabilities. Soothes skin and reduces redness and infection.

Comprehensive Anti-aging Essence
Hydration from within. Rehydrates and locks in moisture from the epidermis to the dermis to keep skin hydrated from within (conventional moisturizers and serums only penetrate into the epidermis)
The level of DHEA in our body begins to decline from the age of 25 and will reduce as much as 50% by the age of 40.

For dry and sensitive skin
Improves dryness and flaking, regulates skin texture to keep skin hydrated and lustrous.

Aging skin

Delays skin aging and sagging, fades out fine lines to render skin firm and elastic.

Day and Night

Deep cleansing → balancing and hydrating → Cell Moist Serum → Nourishes and rejuvenates → Treats and repairs

Important: Contents should be used up within 2 days after Cell Moist Serum is opened, or refrigerated for use on the next day. Recommendation: Pat and massage until fully absorbed for better results.