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Han Imperial Skin Radiant Mask (Pack of 3)

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For instantly glowing and radiant skin!

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6 Flavours of Brightness

  • Made with the radiance-boosting secret of the ancient royal courts’s imperial doctors, and uses the essence of herbs to formulate the Han Fang ‘6 flavours of brightness’ which are combined with modern technology to improve microcirculation, boost metabolism and repair skin cells for an overall gealthier appearance.

Tranexamic Acid

  • A precise whitening treatment that attacks dull pigmentation. 10 times more effective than fruit acids and non-irritating, it blocks melanin cell activation, effectively reducing dark spots and preventing UV damage to the skin.

The Ancient Royal Court’s Secret to Radiant Fairnes

A combination of 6 Chinese herbs from the ancient imperial court to harmonize the 3 paths of cleansing, rejuvenating and restoration are used to the skin internally and brightening it externally.

Cleansing (Detoxification) : Licorice Root + Reeds

  • Skin Penetration

  • Inhibiting excessive melanin synthesis

  • Scavenging inflammatory factors & free radicals

Rejuvenating (Invigorating blood stasis) : Salvia + Angelica

  • Boosts microcirculatory flow

  • Improves skin dullness & stagnation

  • Disperses melanin build-up

  • Reductions in skin tone

Restoration (Nourishing) : Cornus officinalis + Lycium barbarum root

  • Improves skin radiance

  • Enhances skin brightness

  • Creates healthy and radiant skin

• A mask contains an ampoule’s equivalent of brightening properties, enabling your skin to become 10x more translucent instantly.

• Invisible ultra-hydrating film for long-lasting moisturizing power, with 6 weeks of ultra-long-lasting results and 15% hydration retention

• A powerful natural whitening and soothing anti-inflammatory ingredient that effectively breaks down and removes existing excess melanin, lightens existing blemishes and prevents the formation of new UV-induced spots,
Deep Cleansing > Balancing Moisture > Imperial Skin Radiant Ampoule > Imperial Skin Radiant Mask > Imperial Skin Radiant Cream

* Apply the mask by allowing it fully cover the contours of your face and let it sit for 20-30 mins. The remaining essence can be massaged and pay gently into the skin for maximum absoption.