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Herblands Aroma Body Massage Oil

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2-in1 non-greasy aromatic essential oil

Skin Type:
Combination Combination
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Rose Hip Oil
Soothes muscle & joint pain and promotes blood circulation

Relargonium Gradeolens Oil
Relieves stress & calms anxiety
Essential Oil keeps body forever young

Aromatherapy for mind relaxation. With nanotechnology, the non-greasy essential oil has refreshing scent and comforting touch. Nano molecules effectively penetrates into skin and endermic veins to achieve better effect on muscle relaxation, blood circulation and moisturizing of skin
For neck
Apply oil on both sides of the neck and pull & lift downwards to shoulders, this will relieve neck muscle and soothe tiredness of stiff neck. The aromatic scent has good effects on mind relaxation, relieve stress and improve quality of sleep

For sagging and wrinkling skins
Apply essential oil on the affected area, by pulling upwards & downwards and tapping massage, it enables the oil to penetrate into skin efficiently and promotes blood circulation. Regular use can keep skin firm, smooth and young.

For hands & feet joint
Apply essential oil on joints and do ‘Zhuana massage’, this can effectively stimulates circulation and relaxes muscle.
It is advised to clean the body before massage with essential oil. After massage, you may wash with clean water or just let it sit for an hour, as the non-greasy oil can easily penetrates and be absorbed by skin, leaving no residue.
For day and night.